“I believe that people nowadays need to feel the world much more sophisticatedly than our modern everyday life offers"

Aleksander Ivaškevitš

Fine Art Fotograaf

Alexander Ivashkevich (born 1960) is a fine art photographer, with a unique style that became well-known among art connoisseurs in different countries worldwide.


The charming combination of an explorer and an artist, who strives to capture human beauty and discovers the uniqueness of every face and body. He loves to say that beauty is not in eternal youth but in the wealth of the person's inner world.


He has been figuring out this mystery for more than fifteen years of fine art photography experience within artistic, psychological, vintage, family portraits, and boudoir series.

Artistic Style

The artist’s interest in fine art and photography was further instigated by his life-long career in the dramatic theatre sphere. His profession allows him to wake up and tease the forgotten feelings that often blend into the background. Photo shooting is a continuation of acting and communicating with the audience, it is not just acting work, but rather directing. He states that photography is bridging the gap between inhalation and exhalation. To catch the right moment means to catch some real sense of human nature.


World-known famous painters of the past centuries inspire him very much and their vision of natural human beauty is consonant with his sense of the world today.

“I believe that people nowadays need to feel the world much more sophisticatedly than our modern everyday life offers.  The photoshoot process takes place on an artistic level that allows creating an opportunity for a model to rediscover themselves within the studio space and to find new emotional depths".

Unique Technique

Some of the photos are framed individually and decorated with the French technique of verre églomisé (application of both a design and gilding onto the rear face of glass), creating exclusive fine art pieces. 


"I was learning about this technique for a long time, I was looking for information about it, talking to other artists and investigating, and finally I have found my own approach to this technique which allows me to present my works to the viewers with my special style and this opens new designer and photographer’s possibilities to me."

Working with Models

For many people posing is one of the most difficult and challenging components of the whole process of a photo session, but usually only when it is controlled, or better said guided.

To reveal the character of a model, to show their personality, to highlight individuality, gentleness, or sexuality – completely different tasks in each photo shooting session. Portrait photography is interesting because of its suddenness, that’s why I am convinced that we should avoid “special posing”. A person needs to naturally find a suitable pose, which is often born from a particular situation. 


“The most important thing for me during a photo shoot is to show the inner potential of a model despite her age. The roles and characters are created specially for each person participating in a photo shoot. This inner potential is revealed during a photo session and opens the hidden emotional capacity of a person. Moreover, that is a superior opportunity to look at yourself from the outside. 


That is a secret ingredient. It is so exciting to create a unique personal story. As a result, besides portraits, I feel a rush of adrenaline – that makes me work with people again and again after seeing their reactions.


The time during the photo sessions flies unnoticed. People are not just posing in front of the camera, but they have an insightful experience, exploring their potential and revealing new facets. Life is sparkling with colours and you feel an irresistible desire to become better and to listen to your inner world.

Message through Artwork

The opportunity to feel different is worth a lot. When the viewer sees such "deep" faces, he imminently wishes to understand what is happening at the present moment, what has happened before, and what could happen after the creation of this picture. The viewer is examining the inner storyline that is hidden in the picture. That is the power of photography – to present a riddle. That is exactly what makes a person stop in front of the photos and take a longer and deeper look at them. The mystery of the human soul cannot be represented by standard smartphone filters.


1996-1997 Ballet Arts, Broadway dance center (New York, USA)
1993 Woodpeckers Tap Dance Center (New York, USA)
1978-1982 The Arts College: cinema and theater acting, stage movement, singing, dancing, and fencing (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
From 1998 - ongoing learning-by-doing, different online & offline courses, and actively practicing photography.


23 personal (in Estonia, Latvia and Russia) and 11 collective exhibitions (in Estonia, Germany, Italy, Monaco, UK, Hong Kong and Switzerland) - some of which are virtual, including participation in Biennale Fondazione Modigliani in Venice (2022). Many works are owned within private collections in Germany, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, UK, and USA.


Vene Teater (Eesti)

Ajakiri "Kroonika" (Eesti)

Rõivabränd YEAR (Eesti)

Nanoasia & Bellapierre Cosmetics (Eesti)

MGM Aria Hotel/Casino (Las Vegas, Ameerika Ühendriigid)